Llandudno Beach

Llandudno is a picturesque town of its own, situated roughly 20km's outside the heart of Cape Town and hidden on the East coast shoreline. Driving down to Llandudno Beach gives you the feeling of exclusivity, passing such impressive homes through windy streets. Due to limited parking (30 parking bays) this beach is ideal if you looking to escape to somewhere quiet, holding the prestigious Blue Flag Status and covered with fine white sand, definitely a must do for visitors and locals alike.Best for: beach picnics, surfing, body boarding, a local favourite

From the water’s edge, the setting is even more appealing, granite rocks close off the beach and the beach is framed by natural bush. Judas Peak and Klein Leeukoppie (‘little lion’s head’) rear up on either side to form a dramatic mountain backdrop. The beach is popular for sunbathing and sundowners, some sunbathers opt for the boulders, which retain the sun’s heat and provide great views of the sun setting over the sea. The rocky outlay on the left of the beach is known as Sunset Rocks. Llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club provides a voluntary service every day during Blue Flag season.

What to do

This beach is ideal playing beach tennis, volleyball, beach soccer, cricket, tag rugby and throwing some frisbee's. If you don’t mind the rather cold water, bring along your surfboard or bodyboard and catch some amazing swells! Just don’t forget your wetsuits, hoods, and booties. Other than an ablution block, beachgoers will not find any other facilities. If you looking to make it an all-day experience, remember to pack a picnic or just take along plenty to eat and drink and don’t forget your sun protection cream. Because the beach is located in the elite residential area of Llandudno, there are no shops around. Although vendors do roam the beach, selling snacks and cool drinks during busy periods. The beach rarely becomes overcrowded, largely because the car park can only hold so little cars. Dogs are allowed only during off-peak season between April and November, and between 18:00 and 09:00 during peak season, from December to March.

In the Area

Near to Llandudno Beach, you will find The Logies Bay above and to the right of the beach, which has several caves among the granite boulders, which were used by Khoisan ‘strandlopers’, as evidenced by a nearby shell midden excavated in 1953. Looking for arts and crafts mixed with great food? Continue past Llandudno from Cape Town, you will find yourself in a small town called Hout Bay. This area hides many locations waiting to be explored, the Hout Bay Harbour, Hout Bay Market and let's not forget about Chapmans Peak.

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