Noordhoek Beach

Noordhoek Beach

Noordhoek Beach is amongst the beaches one of the most beautiful landscapes, however the further reaches of Noordhoek Beach are rather isolated, therefore it is not advisable to walk the shores alone, particularly during the week. The backshore area of the beach is often covered by a shallow tidal logoon, visited by a diversity of seabirds Behind the beach is a bushy, low-lying arc of undeveloped land that becomes waterlogged in winter. Known as the Noordhoek Wetlands, the area not only supports abundant bird life, but also contains rare lowland fynbos, including the largest remnant of highly threatened sandplain fynbos on the Cape Peninsula. Due to it's conservation significance, some 450 hectares of this land has now been prortected as part of the Table Moutnain National Park. This relatively recent acquisition has effectely created an ecological corridor between Chapman's Peak and Slangkop, linking the northern and southern parts of the national park.


Surf Spots

There are a number of popular surf spots along Noordhoek beach, including The Hoek on the Chapman's Peak end, Dunes - closer to the Kakapo - and Sunset further out to sea, only for the bravest of the big-wave riders. The rocky point below Chapman's Peak, known as Ratelklip ('honey badger stone'), offers a grandstand view of surfers riding the perfect barrels of The Hoek, and is also a good angling site.


Corner of Village Lane and Noordhoek Main Road
Cape Town
South Africa
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