Table Mountain


A bit of history behind the iconic Table Mountain

Table Mountain has a long line of history behind it. In 1795, during the British occupation of the Cape, three blockhouses were erected on the mountain. Between 1886 and 1907, five dams were erected on the back mountain in order to supply the city with water. This mountain is the first sight to greet seafarers as they enter Table Bay harbour and it is the most distinguishing feature of the city. On a clear day it is visible for many kilometers out to sea, and in the early days of sail, the reward was usually posted to the first sailor to make its sighting. The mountain is influential in determining the micro-climate of Cape Town and its surrounding environment, and for many years was the principle source of potable water for the city. It's distinctive cloud cover, known popularly as "the table-cloth", or to the French as the "perruque" (aka the wig), is said to have been the result of a tobacco smoking competition held between the Devil and Jan van Hunks, a retired privateer who inhabited the slopes of the nearby Devil's Peak. Although plans to take a railway line to the summit were mooted as early as 1894, an aerial cableway was only built in 1929.  {refer to

This world famous Table Mountain is part of the scenic peninsula mountain chain that stretches from Signal Hill in the north (rightmost peak in the image above) to Cape Point in the south, some 60km. Around it are many beautiful valleys, bays and beaches bound by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the warm waters of False Bay in the east. It is part of a World Heritage Site because of its unique flora and fauna. The sandy flats at the mountain top gave rise to its name.

It is granite and sandstone intersected by a number of picturesque ravines, standing at some 1113m high. In May 1503 the Portuguese navigator Antonio de Saldanha anchored his fleet in Table Bay and named it 'Aguade de Saldanha', or the 'watering place of Saldanha'. He also climbed Table Mountain, which he named Taboa do Capo, or 'Table of the Cape'.

Statistics of Table Mountain

Elavation: 1,085m ; First Ascent: 1503 ; Prominence: 1,055m ;  First ascender: Antonio de Saldanha


We in the Cape are truly blessed to live with such an incredible majestic back drop such as Table Mountain. No matter where you are positioned in Cape Town, the Mountain is sure to follow with her breath taking views and glorious greenery, providing a multitude of different aspects, angles of views of the mountain. As most locals can say, we can have all 4 seasons of weather in one day, quite literally, depending on which side of the mountain you are situated at any given time. This provides the locals and tourists with a number of activities to enjoy.

This world famous iconic statue breaths constant life to Capetonians and visitors, as she offers a number of activities to take part in, such as hikes, mountain bike trails, horse trails, and much, much more. Her valleys provide a perfect setting for wine farms, which is what the Cape is very well known for globally. Some of the best wines in the world come from here.

Table Mountain
Cape Town
South Africa
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