Earth Fair Market Tokai

Earth Fair Market Tokai

Earth Fair Market Tokai brings you the "Culinary Wonderland" of cultural cuisines & lifestyle experiences

Out of all the food markets in cape town, Earthfair is definitely a personal favourite. This market oozes with flavour, experience, and craftsmanship, not just from the flair of flavours used amongst the traders and their meals on offer, but to the artisan vendors expressing their true artistic flair in their fashion and curio's displays- don’t miss out the resident jeweler - she boasts earthy stones and semi-precious gems, amongst other great finds! Earth Fair Food Market is currently trading from 2 locations, St George's Mall in the Cape Town CBD area and in Tokai behind the Builder's Warehouse. It is definitely one of the top food markets on my list for sure. Their resident traders range from a fresh produce stand that supplies fruit and vegetables straight from the local farmer's markets, and often selected and supplied on the same day thus  guaranteeing you that absolute freshness.

Shop bought vs farmer's market produce from Earth Fair Market Tokai

I have personally tested this theory myself, when I top up my fresh produce from the farmer's markets, it lasts a lot longer than shop bought goods, and the reason for this is often the fruit and vegetables sold at shops are already a week old, sometimes longer. The time it takes from when they harvest it, to when it lands up in your trolley, is often weeks or even months old. Did you know that apples are often 3 months old by the time they reach your kitchen, and the reason they still look fresh and tasty is due to all the pesticides and preservatives that are sprayed on the fruits and vegetables during their growth before they are delivered to the distribution houses? That waxy layer on your apples is what preserves it, and is definitely not healthy to eat - that’s why it is suggested that you wash your fresh produce in a solution of water & white spirit vinegar to remove this before consumption. Alternatively, you can purchase healthy produce from the farmer's markets like Earth Fair, and test this theory yourself. You will notice the produce doesn’t contain all that waxy substance you find from store-bought produce, and apart from looking fresher and containing more nutrients, the produce tastes 100 times better for sure.

Resident traders at Earth Fair Market Tokai

Earth Fair host a variety of resident traders who can be found both at St George's Mall and Tokai. There is a fantastic biltong vendor who is husband and wife operated and definitely stocks the best biltong in Cape Town! You will find the missus trading from Earth Fair in Tokai and her darling husband has his stand at another famous destination market - the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay.

Then amongst the resident traders a new trader has brought his culinary skill to Earth Fair - Lauden Kirk, the well-known Italian Chef who made his fame with his signatory crisp thin hand rolled focaccia bread, lightly topped with amazingly tasty ingredients such as Parma Ham , artichokes, capers, then finished off with wild rocket leaves and a tangy balsamic glaze drizzle. At Earth Fair he brings his new innovation "Bunga Bunga Grill" to the mix, where he introduces to you a new way of eating steak, cooked on the grill to perfection (always medium-rare to rare folks!) without the heaviness of side accompaniments, instead, he adds his light toppings of freshly grated coleslaw, rocket leaves, his balsamic glaze and a very cheeky spicy herb sprinkle which includes a hint of sugar and chili!  Lauden is also at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays, as well as the Blue Bird Market on Friday evenings, so be sure to keep an eye out for him when visiting these markets.

Earth Fair Market Tokai trading hours

Earth Fair trades at Tokai on Wednesdays from 3pm - 8.30pm, and on Saturdays from 9am - 2pm. They trade in St Georges Mall on Thursdays from 11am - 3pm. If you need more info or would like to apply to become a trader please go to their website to complete the online application.

Open hours: 
Wednesday: 15:00-20:30
Saturday: 9:00-14:00
+82 844 0800
333 Main Road
Cape Town
South Africa
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